Our Services

We work with expert contractors to modify homes to meet our clients’ specific needs, and we have a staff of trained medical personnel. Our team includes Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Certified Nurses Aids (CNA) working in direct care.

We have an up-to-date wheelchair van that meets  American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and industry standards.

Perfect Partners, LLC, does not discriminate against recipients on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, or age.

Individualized Support Living (ISL)

An ISL is residential habilitation that allows the individual an opportunity for community living regardless of competency, the severity of the disability, or the degree of any physical or behavioral challenges. Individuals may live alone or may share a living arrangement with others.  For shared living arrangements, no more than four individuals with disabilities may reside together. Perfect Partners places a strong emphasis on individuals choosing where they reside, with whom, and what type of community activities they wish to partcipate in.  The residence must be owned or leased by at least one of the residents or by a resident family or guardian (unless the individual is a child). 

Shared Living

The individual lives with  another person, couple, or a family in the community to share life experiences together. A shared living home could be a single person, a college student, single parents, empty nesters, or a two-parent family with children.  Shared living can be provided in the individual’s home (companion services) or in the home of the caregiver (host home services).  Shared living arrangements may not be provided by a parent, legal guardian or spouse for their child, ward, or spouse.

Companion Home

The individual lives in his or her own home with a companion who provides support so that the person can remain living at home and become part of the community.  Supports are provided as directed by the individual and identified in the Individual Support Plan.

PA Services

For an individual who does not need complete supports with in-home living skills, we assist with daily skill planning, such as meal preparation, shopping, budgeting, and community integration.